Team AtomJack is Growing!

A lot has been happening behind the scenes at AtomJack these past few months. As we’ve been explaining about jumps and the evolution of our Robot we’ve also been steadily adding to the team, so much so that we outgrew our first little office.

Last day in the old office

If you remember ESandra Hollman from our last staff update, she is now also taking on Community Management responsibilities and overseeing all things AtomJack on this website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She’ll be sharing more information about our new space and the game we’re working on, so keep on checking in.

We’ve been growing the team at AtomJack adding programmers and animators to the fold, so we wanted to share some info about the new members in their own words:

John Pile Jr

John is our second engineer to join the AtomJack team. Alaska raised, John gained his game-industry battle scars at Proper Games in Scotland after receiving an MS in Computer Games Technology at the University of Abertay Dundee. In 2010 he returned to the States as a professor of game development, wrote a book on 2D Graphics Programming for Games, and tackled a couple indie games … but AtomJack lured him back to the west coast and full time development with promises of adventure, glory, and plenty of Seattle’s finest coffee. When not coding, John can be found tinkering with vehicles, riding his Harley, or driving around North America with his wife, Helen and dog, Dakota.

John authored a book on 2D Game Programming

Floyd Bishop

After playing a lot of Odyssey, then Nintendo, then later Playstation, Floyd Bishop began animating. It’s his job to make sure all the cool art and awesome models move in a fun and entertaining way. He has had a varied career so far, with character animation on Ice Age, talking bottles in antacid commercials, creating animated pilots for television shows, and working on lots and lots of video games. Floyd came to AtomJack from Sony Online Entertainment, where he worked on Free Realms and some other titles. He is interested in all things animation, and has blogged and reported on animation all over the internet. Floyd also enjoys teaching. Showing other people how to make cool things move around with computers is super fun!

Floyd teaching a class on animation

Welcome to AtomJack, John and Floyd! Expect to hear more information on our new space as well as well as future members very soon – and hopefully some game news too. If you are interested in joining AtomJack, check out our Jobs page and if you don’t see something there we are always interested in talking to smart, creative and motivated game developers – so give us a shout!