We're Growing

Here at AtomJack we are so excited! It’s summer, which means that the Seattle weather is beautiful and we know it is sunny because we can see it through our windows as we work indoors, creating worlds and things that we hope to share with you soon.

And we’ve been growing. We’re steadily increasing the team of people who are helping to bring our games to life and we wanted to share a little something about them.


First is Kieran Lampert, our 3D Artist who is taking our characters from concept to fully realized models.

You probably knew someone like Kieran while growing up; he was that kid hogging play time on the NES in your after school program, claiming “just one more life” when you’d try to take the controller out of his hands. When someone was finally able to drag him away from the console, he’d fill the rest of his time drawing character designs for tabletop campaigns that would never get played. It wasn’t until many years later when he realized he could marry his passions and pursue a career in game art. After graduating from the BFA program at DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2011, Kieran spent three years working as a 3D and UI artist at Zombie Studios before joining the crew at AtomJack. Other than games and art, Kieran enjoys travel, watching and discussing films, and nursing a healthy coffee addiction he’s acquired since moving to Seattle.

A sample of some of Kieran’s character work


And next up is ESandra Chong Hollman, our illustrious Office Manager who is helping to keep the studio running day to day.

To put it simply, ESandra has a passion for that which brings people together. Having come from an art school bubble with a BFA from Ringling College of Art + Design, the community and creativity behind the games industry is what really makes her feel at home. Like a proton to an electron, it was only a matter of time before ESandra found herself drawn to games as a career. She joined the team to help make things happen, crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s while being the unofficial “hype man” for AtomJack! As a geek culture and community enthusiast, when she’s not at the studio, she creates content and manages the community for the blog, Geek City Sirens – that is if she’s not making artsy things, watching animations, or playing games, of course.

A magical photo of Kodama that ESandra sculpted out of beeswax

Welcome to AtomJack, Kieran and ESandra! If you are interested in joining us and helping us make great games that people love to play, check out our list of open positions.

We’re currently hiring for Programmers, Environment Artists and Animators and would love to hear from you!