Making Progress!

Written by Allen Murray


Hey everyone, it’s been a few months since we’ve given an update on our progress. If you’ve been following the blog you’ve seen updates on our robot designs from art direction to modeling, an article calculating jumps and the process of building tools to support the team. It’s safe to say that we’ve only shown you a tiny little bit of the characters you will meet (and play) along the way - and we have so much more to share over the months ahead.

The team recently finished an early milestone in preproduction and we’re heads down over the next couple months, creating our playable prototype that showcases our gameplay systems as well as bringing all of the beautiful art, animation and cinematics into the game engine. Even though everyone has been working hard the past few months the work has largely been on concepts, tools, engine and gameplay systems - everything under the hood and not much on screen. Just recently have we been able to see the fruit of this labor as all of these pieces come together and it is amazing. This is that dark tunnel of game development where you have ideas and plans and you start building, layering on all of this work that is being done in parallel. It’s messy and oftentimes things are horrendously broken. But you work together, grinding it out and as you progress you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel - or in this case characters and environments come alive on your screen.


It’s still very early in our development cycle, but it’s moments like these that make us proud and we’re proving that our core gameplay works and is *fun* and becoming more and more confident in our plans for production. 

And one of the reasons we have been able to make such progress is the addition of our new Gameplay Programmer, Greg Brown who joined us this winter. Here is a little bit about Greg in his own words:

Greg Brown

Greg moved to Seattle from Salt Lake 11 years ago with a BA in Sociology and French no clue how one might use those professionally. He landed a game testing job at WildTangent and began working his ass off to expand his limited programming knowledge into something useful. While there he met a number of people who he would go on to work with at Flagship Studios’ small Seattle office on project called Mythos. After the collapse of that studio and the loss of their project, that team stuck together and form Runic Games in 2008. While at Runic, Greg worked on Torchlight, Torchlight II, and the publicly available content authoring and modding tools for those games. Recently, Greg was seeking something new and different (and not a Hack-and-Slash RPG) to work on and found it at AtomJack. Outside of game development, Greg loves language study, traveling, showing his age through his love of 90’s indie rock, his two cats, and learning how to dad.


Make a game with us

We recent starting hiring for a new position and are looking for a very talented painter to join our team to help paint all of the lush 2D environments and backgrounds for our game - as well as assist with additional concepts. If you or someone you know is interested, please check out the position here: Environment / Concept Artist.

It’s an honor to share these updates with you and we’re excited to show you more over the next year! Thanks again for taking the time to keep up with us at AtomJack and check back soon for more updates.